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Use the “Contact” tab for estimates and to set up an appointment, If you don’t see what you need in this list please contact me for service availability.



Support Services

  • Basic Consultations & Estimates


  • Remote Support

Coming Soon!

  • On-Site Support

$40/hr. + $301


Diagnostics and Tune Ups2

  • Basic diagnostic/Tune up


  • Advanced hardware testing and diagnostics/Tune up


  • Basic Data retrieval and backup


  • OS Install


  • Basic hardware install


  • Advanced hardware install


  • Advanced HDD and Data Recovery3

$200 + cost of new media

  • Advanced RAID Recovery4

Contact for a free estimate!



Special Services

  • Technical Consultation

$40/hr. + mileage if applicable

  • Custom Built Computer5
    • Includes half an hour of off-site consultation, OS Install, professional wiring, and an Advanced Tune Up


  • On-Site Installations6


$40/hr + $301

The term "on-site" refers to the client's location, as to where "off-site" refers to Syco Productions' location
  1. Price based on locations within 30 miles of East McKinney St. Denton, TX 76209
    1. Subject to change based on gas prices and distances further than 30 miles
  2. These services only available off-site
  3. Rush service avaible, contact for availabilty and pricing
    1. only available for non-invasive recoveries
  4. Subject to amount of disks, raid type, and damage level
    1. only available for non-invasive recoveries
    2. Priority service available, subject to availability. Contact for more information.
  5. Price does not include actual hardware, all hardware must be purchased before hand
    1. On available off-site
    2. Hardware install includes up to two drives, any ram, one CPU/Motherboard/Cooler, one power supply, and one GPU
    3. Advanced Tune Up includes basic overclocking available on request only
  6. Includes new PC set up, home Wi-Fi, small TV or remote setup, etc.
    1. contact for any other install inquires